Vuzion Azure Playing Cards


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform which enables the user to build, deploy and manage servers and applications. It offers a variety of services and components, and Vuzion, a Microsoft Gold Partner, needed an innovative way to showcase the different components available. They came up with the clever solution of showing their hand through a pack of playing cards.


Designed to showcase the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, we created a pack of Vuzion and Azure branded playing cards. We created 5 playing cards for each example of the components. These were then colour coded using a grouping colour coordination so that it was easy to see what was is on offer as part of the Azure deal. And no deck of cards is complete without its own branded box!


A simple idea but one which is different and effective, the Vuzion Azure branded playing cards are compact enough to be easily displayed at trade fairs and events but make a big enough impact to be remembered. In fact, the playing cards were used by Vuzion at an event in the card game capital of the world, Las Vegas, America, and we are told that they were a big hit!