Rebranding and marketing collateral for a leading hair salon.


When the owners of Vogels took over a local salon, they were in need of a complete rebrand. We were happy to get stuck into chopping and changing things up, ready to create a fresh new identity for the hair specialists! The branding needed to reflect their upmarket positioning within their industry and the community, yet still have an approachable feel to reflect the fact that they are still very much a family run company at their core.


Style and sophistication are at the core of everything that Vogels do, which is why their branding needed to be simple, clean yet reflective of these qualities. Using their initial, we created sharp, striking branding which is very much contemporary yet approachable, using muted grey tones to reflect their brand colours. Playful imagery was also used to give their website and marketing material a human touch, reflecting the fact that they are a family run company who have the needs of their clients at the forefront of all they do.




Our branding has given the new salon its own identity and successfully distinguishes it from the previous owners. Vogels is now very much part of their local highstreet, with their complete rebrand lending them an air or sophistication. The grey tones and striking ‘V’ concept were carried through all marketing material, including signage, pricelists, posters their website and marketing collateral.