Top Brass

A new website for a hotel and leisure industry furnishings company.

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We love working with niche companies, and Top Brass were no exception. The soft furnishings and bespoke upholstery manufacturer was undergoing a huge increase in business created by their ever-growing and expanding product and service range, but their website was out of date and in dire need of modernisation to communicate to prospective clients the range of services that they offer. It needed to be dynamic and engaging, as well as accessible across multiple devices and supported by a simple and easy-to-use CMS. So that’s where Blue Serif stepped in.


In line with newly commissioned photography we were able to create an engaging website that showcased the wide variety of materials, colours and textures associated with Top Brass’ core services and products. We focused heavily on the visual look and feel, emphasising the variety and quality on offer. After all, a soft furnishing company’s success relies on users being able to get a feel for the quality of the products on offer, and this underpinned their core messaging that attention to detail and creativity are at the forefront of what they do.


Blue Serif used these luxurious values to give the client a creative and fresh new website. We used WordPress as the core CMS to give the company a fully responsive site with an upmarket look and feel. This enabled the client to showcase their services and previous case studies in an aesthetically appealing manner. The client has been able to update the site themselves with new content on a regular basis, therefore making it easier to promote their achievements more effectively as well as add any new services they may be offering.