Sony ISE

Campaign theme and related collateral for Europe’s premier AV systems event.


Sony are one of the key exhibitors at the ISE event in Amsterdam each year. For the 2016 ISE, we were asked to come up with the campaign creative and imagery that would form the core of Sony’s stand and would appear on all other related material. The creative imagery had to support Sony as a brand leader and innovator within this important professional market.


Sony invested in a highly innovative and creative stand design to help underpin their brand ethos as state-of-the-art industry leaders within the AV systems integration market. The stand consisted of a central dome structure with a series of screens that provided an animated canopy over the whole stand. We were asked to create the content for the canopy as well as other stand graphics and marketing collateral. The canopy animation consisted of a journey through the seasons and changing weather environments integrated together with fluttering butterflies and a large, lifelike plane flying overhead.


The resulting animations provided a very engaging and memorable backdrop to the main Sony stand. The adverts, invites and brochures all had the central dome featured within them to provide a striking visual. Furthermore, we happily provided onsite support during the event so that last minute changes to presentations and animations could be made with ease, ultimately ensuring quality and consistency throughout.