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At Blue Serif we have a wide range of experience and expertise throughout the major creative mediums,
allowing us to recommend the most relevant and imaginative outlet to support your campaign activity.

Our experience spans the following areas:


Creating the optimal branding for your company is key to forming your organisation’s identity. It’s a very personal and subjective part of who you are, which is why we work closely with your team to understand your heritage, your target market and your future goals in order to develop or breathe new life into your brand.

Working together we’ll build a brand with personality to support your business and engage with your audience going forward.

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Designing for print has always been at the heart of graphic design and its core ethos transcends both on and offline creative activities.

From striking advertising and brochures through to cutting-edge event stands and other printed marketing collateral, we have the ideas that will jump out from the printed page!

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The ever evolving, dynamic medium of the digital arena has become an important and integral part of any modern marketing process.

Our digital solutions deliver a dynamic and engaging experience to your customer base through our understanding of commercial realities and state-of-the-art technologies. Whether you’re looking for web and UI design or online advertising and interactive presentations, we’re here to help you filter out the fuss to help you sort your CTAs from your bounce rates!

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Excellent digital content is essential if clients are to believe in your brand. By creating context-relevant content, which is crafted to complement the channel and media, your brand will attract the right audience, driving the response that you require.

From e-newsletters to social media posts, thought leader pieces to blogs, white paper documents to video: words matter, and we’ll make sure that every paragraph, post and tweet count in producing a cost-effective, measurable and value-added campaign.

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From corporate videos and event animations to screen advertising and 3D modelling, we can transform the driest of content into inspiring and effective on-screen messaging, whether it be Powerpoint presentations for sales teams or public-facing animated displays.

Creating video or animated assets is an effective and appealing way to get your message across to your target audience in an engaging format.

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With the experience we have gained over the years, not only can we provide topline marketing strategies for your brand but we can also work alongside internal and 3rd party organisations to help provide insight and guidance on a range of campaigns and projects. UI, web development, Beta testing and digital and website reviews are just a few of the elements that we can help with.

By working with our partners within the marketing industry, we can tailor your marketing needs to the size of your business, making the campaign relevant and manageable for your requirements.

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