Saviour Snacks

Design support and digital consultation.


Anyone that knows anything about the Blue Serif team will be aware of our love of snacks, so when we were tasked with creating the marketing material for Saviour Snacks, we jumped at the chance! The brand, who provide a subscription based service offering a range of healthy snacks to time-poor but health-conscious individuals, was rapidly growing within this popular, evolving market. They needed ongoing creative and digital support, which we were happy to provide (as long as we could chomp our way through some free samples!).


After immersing ourselves in the brand (yum!), we were initially asked to provide preliminary designs for a range of on and offline marketing collateral, including artwork for packaging, HTML emails and graphics for their existing site. All the creative assets needed to be in line with their current brand positioning and style, which we provided but with more of a gender-neutral feel to appeal to both sexes within the market.


Our successful creations for the brand led them to ask us to review and propose UX and UI changes to their website to allow it to be more intuitive and engaging. Alongside this we were also comissioned to provide an ongoing design support service so that the brand could create brand-consistent, agile and responsive marketing collateral at short notice. The new website, together with the consistent and professional creative support we happily provided allowed Saviour Snacks to increase their market share and win lucrative contracts with major catering outlets, including as part of the on-board service for Easyjet.