April 29, 2020

Stay safe, stay home, stay engaged

Let us help your brand to stay engaged with your audience

There’s no doubt, it’s been a testing few weeks for most businesses. In these unprecedented times, we are very fortunate that our team are able to work from home. This allows us to continue to stay engaged with our clients and create the marketing material you know and love. However, this couldn’t happen in the efficient manner that it does without regular communication with our team and our clients.

A positive that has come out of this crisis is the fact that we are all communicating more, whether that be via video chat with our loved ones or on social media with our friends. Brands should be no exception to this. Yes, you’ve probably already switched your meetings to the conference and video call variety, but have you thought about how you’ll continue to engage your brand with your audience in other ways?

Stay engaged 

If you can’t have a physical presence during this time, then engaging digital assets are crucial. By this we mean newsletters, interactive brochures, slick looking sales decks and compelling social media posts. It’s vital that whilst we’re all staying home and staying safe, your brand is still out there and visible to your audience with its digital presence. Ensuring that your brand continues to engage is key to hitting the ground running when we come out the other side of this crisis.



Stay visible

Having brand-consistent newsletters to send to your client base regularly is a great way of updating your audience with your news. Created within your brand guidelines as an extension of your visual language, larger organisations can also use newsletters to communicate internally with their team. This is especially useful when working remotely or across multiple locations.

Similarly, sales pitches can easily turn digital during these times of social distancing; through expert marketing knowledge and brand-consistent PowerPoint presentations, sales decks and interactive brochures, your brand can come to life through digital media.

And of course, whilst we’re all at home and communicating online more than we would normally, professional social media posts are key in keeping your brand visible. It can be difficult to curate your social feeds in a brand-consistent way, but this is where professional insights and expertise can help your brand to stay engaged with your audience.



Engage your website with your audience

Don’t forget that an engaging and intuitive website is still a key tool within your wider digital presence. A brand’s website is still the first place many people will head to for company updates and, of course, sales. A modern, user friendly and brand consistent website is therefore imperative.

Now is the time to create an integrated user experience for your audience. Your website, brand consistent social media and digital tools will create cohesion for your brand. If you’re therefore taking this downtime to take care of some brand housekeeping, updating your website should be at the top of your list.

Get in contact to ensure your brand can stay engaged with your audience

During these difficult times, we are happy to help keep your brand visible. Whether you need to get a message out to teams working remotely or need to up your game with a digital sales deck, we are happy to create a suite of digital assets which will continue to engage long after this crisis is over. Get in contact, and let’s ensure that your brand can stay engaged with your audience.