How to bring your brand’s personality to life

Aside from our fantastically engaging, strikingly compelling creative, there are two things you need to know about Blue Serif: one is, as a team, we love our biscuits. Give us a custard cream or a dark chocolate Hobnob, and we’re off. And the second thing you need to know about us is this: we also love our cheeky little colleague and company mascot, The Blue Sheriff.

These two things have become as synonymous with our brand as that aforementioned beautiful creative. The people of Brentwood and beyond are used to our Sheriff popping up where they least expect to find him and are accustomed to being offered an array of biscuits when they pop into the office to discuss their latest marketing campaign. But it’s not just our brand’s personality that we love: we also love bringing out the best of our clients’ brands’ personalities, too.


Why it’s good to be a brand with personality

From Compare the Market’s meerkats to the Energizer Bunny, mascots and other quirky company personality traits are a great way to raise awareness of your brand. As a company, we have become known for posting on our social media about our love of biscuits and, of course, The Blue Sheriff has his own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels. But these aren’t the only ways to add personality to your brand and bring it to life in ways other than your usual day to day business.

The important thing is that by adding personality to your brand it gives it a much more human, much more approachable feel, and will ensure that you stick in the mind of your audience (as is evidenced by the amount of times we get tagged in biscuit related posts on social media!). In fact, 86% of consumers1 prefer a brand to have an authentic brand personality on social media, and your company’s little quirks can help you to bring that personality to life.

How to add personality to your brand 

Whether you create a company mascot of your own or breathe personality into your brand in an altogether different way is up to you. Think about your brand and the aspects which make you stand out from the crowd, and see if there’s something that falls in line with your identity. Great ways to showcase your brand’s personality include:

  • Company mascots: from The Blue Sheriff to 24fingers’ P Squiddy and The Cotton Textile Company’s mannequin, Bob, Brentwood has them all!
  • Company pets: local printers Baker Labels often showcase their Cocker Spaniels Ted and Benji Baker on their social media.
  • Digital avatars: Brentwood based web design agency Eseyo use ‘DotScott’ as their mascot.
  • Tone of voice on social media: for example, local hairdressers Vogels often create videos for their social media with a comedy element to them.

However you go about it, it’s essentially your brand’s personal touch, brought to life.



Howdy, Blue Sheriff! 

Of course, a big part of our personality is The Blue Sheriff. The Blue Sheriff’s company mascot role came about on the back of a mix up by one of our clients over our company name – Blue Serif – and the play on words and our love of an 8 inch tall cowboy action figure was born. As a team, we have a lot of fun taking the Sheriff on photoshoots, dressing him up for awards nights and posing him with various boxes of those aforementioned biscuits, among other things.

But on a serious note, as well as his work throughout the year, he comes out to play every Christmas for our charity campaign. In the last few years, our Sheriff on the Shelf campaigns have raised money for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, SNAP Charity and Saint Francis Hospice, raising a total of over £1650 combined for the various charities.

This year, not only will the Sheriff be getting up to mischief in Brentwood, but we’ll also be sponsoring a nutcracker as part of Brentwood Council’s nutcracker trail. The two together will be a force to be reckoned with, we reckon! We love that our little bit of personality is not only fun for us but can also do good within the community.



Let us give your brand some personality

If you’d like us to breathe some personality into your brand, get in touch. We love working with a variety of brands, from the quirkiest of quirky companies through to corporate and blue-chip organisations that just want to inject a little bit of fun into their business. Go on, don’t be afraid of giving your brand some personality: it is, after all, why your clients will love you.





1 Brand personality statistic: Ragjeev Batra, Peter Lenk and Michel Wedel: Separating Brand from Category Personality, University of Michigan