New Hall Vineyard’s Limited Edition Labels


New Hall Vineyard produced some rather special limited edition vintages to celebrate the vineyard’s 50th anniversary, and as such, wanted rather special labels to be designed for them. New Hall were happy to be open with the design, as they wanted something completely different to their everyday branding. Of course, open = our creative juices flowing!


Anyone who’s been to New Hall Vineyard will know that the vineyard is surrounded by the most stunning countryside, abundant with wildlife. With a Chardonnay, a White Hart and a Purlai Red, we took this as our inspiration to create three distinct labels which followed an ‘inspired by nature’ theme and showcased their naturally wild neighbours.


We love the striking results of the New Hall Vineyard’s limited edition vintage labels: a fox, a stag and an owl, all of which reflect the wildlife of the countryside around them. Gold foiling finished the labels off beautifully, to give them a classy, sophisticated feel but with a fun and contemporary twist on an everyday wine label. Cheers!