Inspired by Locals

Brand development and website design for an exciting new travel review site.


The Inspired by Locals website offers exactly that: visitor attractions and places of interest that have been inspired by locals. This innovative travel review website works by using social media data and blogging content to generate informative guides and a unique rating, based on the popularity of locations as visited by those local to the area. We were commissioned to create a relevant and instantly recognisable brand for the review site as well as an intuitive and engaging website.


We love getting under the skin of innovative projects like this, and our starting point was to heavily research similar sites and the potential UX and UI. We then created a site that would be intuitive to navigate and provide the end users with a unique and useful insight into planning their trips and visits. The site would also include key features such as the ability to create tailor-made itineraries by gathering peer-to-peer experiences and reviews. This provided users with informative, tried-and-tested travel tips based on their preferences.


A consistent and coherent brand, which is used across a range of digital outlets, was created. The newly designed and developed website pulls in social media data – such as check ins and reviews at various places of interest – and provides users with an intuitive and engaging experience, allowing them to discover those places that other review sites wouldn’t necessarily come up with; put simply, it allows users access to those places loved by locals.