First News

Digital consultation for educational publication aimed at children and young adults.


First News have been at the forefront of providing a weekly newspaper for children and young people. They have over 2 million subscribers and are widely regarded as the leaders within their field. As part of their future development, they needed a review of their website and a digital strategy of how their website should evolve to continually engage with their audience. With first-hand experience of what appeals to young families as well as those in the education industry, the Blue Serif team were thrilled to get involved with this project.


We analysed the existing website together with data and insights from internal and external sources, coming up with a range of wireframes to showcase a new modular based structure to the site. This would highlight new features and functionality, thus ensuring that the target audience would continue to be engaged with First News. The ultimate aim is for First News to become a leading destination site for all 6 – 13 year olds, and would be seen as a trusted access point to the internet by parents and teachers.


After initially presenting the wireframes, we were asked to develop these into full design mock-ups and present to the board. As a result of a successful presentation, First News are developing their online presence and introducing new innovative digital access points, including the introduction of an education hub for teachers and parents, all of which will help them lead the way as the trusted new site for children, young adults and educational professionals across the country.